Ryan Fischer is a Toronto born, Canadian singer-songwriter. He released his debut album “Commercials For Heaven” in the fall of 2021.

Previously, he wrote and directed a series of award winning personal documentaries that screened internationally in festivals and on TV.

Ryan began writing songs as an impulse to get through tough times in Toronto where he was struggling to make films and pay the rent; songs initially meant to only cheer and empower himself until the songs took over and led him onto a new path.

After a 2 month trip to Mexico in the winter of 2015 – where he survived a dangerous encounter with a riptide in Zipolite (“Beach of The Dead”) – he returned to focus solely on music. 

In 2016 he rolled out to the West Coast of BC in search of mountains, forests, ocean air and musical adventure.

In the summer of 2023 he picked up sticks, packed his life into a minivan and made a new home for himself in Montréal.

Music is Ryan Fischer’s way of coming to a place of jubilant acceptance and inner freedom. His songs are a celebration of his own and the world’s collective human flaws.